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T-Go by goBorgh


Retired US Army Soldier & Disabled Veteran turned Artist

Want a custom mosaic?...


Contact T-Go for a custom mosaic: via this website, call, text, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. 🌺👩‍🎨💞

You’ll see reoccurring themes in my Mosaic Art...


For instance, I am spiritual (baptized Christian) & am drawn to Buddha/Buddhism & Hinduism so these will reflect in many T-Go by goBorgh mosaic pieces. 

I love birds so lots of birds in my portfolio & more to come. 🌺👩‍🎨💞


Check out my T-Go by goBorgh Facebook, Etsy or Instagram pages to see more of my stained glass mosaic, up-cycled art ...

Contact Us to commission a custom mosaic.

Go to my Etsy shop to purchase a completed T-Go by goBorgh stained glass mosaic.

My T-Go by goBorgh Facebook page was created to show case my stained glass mosaics, upcycled art.  If you like to upcycle & have ideas for upcycling, I’d love to hear your input so email me or go to my Facebook or Instagram pages to message me. 🌺👩‍🎨💞

- To purchase a T-Go by goBorgh stained glass Mosaic, go to my Etsy shop.

- To commission a custom stained glass mosaic, please text/call/email me via this website or message me on Etsy, Facebook or Instagram.

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