T-Go by goBorgh Glass Mosaics...

A quality process results in a quality outcome...

All of my mosaics are intentionally frameless or integrated into their frame, using a multi-step process, which results in seamless beauty, quality, & durability. 

- Each frame is either a rescued, up-cycled frame, brought back to life with TLC & elbow grease; or custom, hand-made frame created from scrap wood.

- For this reason, opening the back or attempting to change the frame is not recommended as it may ruin your lovely piece of fine art. 

- Each T-Go by goBorgh mosaic is hand signed by (me) the Artist, & is ready to hang or display.

- I use a variety of materials and techniques to painstakingly create individual mosaics, that are not complete until (I feel) I’ve tweaked every detail, of each one, to perfection.

- My quality control is my inability to ‘half-ass’ anything, never try to mass produce or cut corners to increase output, & only create what inspires me. 

- I do take custom, commissioned orders but only if the project excites & inspires me.

**NOTE: My special ‘crushed glass‘ technique is always emphasized in the description because it involves crushed glass, with possible sharp edges, and although these mosaics are heavily sealed to mitigate cuts and/or loss of glass, touching the surface is NEVER  recommended.

Whether browsing or buying, I hope you enjoy the visual journey into T-Go by goBorgh stain glass mosaic art!  🌺👩‍🎨💞